paul michael regan



Paul Michael Regan, First born to David and Linda, circa '73, brother to Lucie. Conceived, born, educated & matured in West London, UK, Earth.


Experienced IT professional, generalist, technologist, CISSP and advocate of keeping things simple. 20+ years experience but I still enjoy learning new skills and the satisfaction that comes from applying that knowledge to business solutions, solving complex issues, or even just making someone’s life a little easier.

My blog tends to show the current things I’m working on either professionally or just geeking out at home.


Photography has recently become an obsession and exercise in futility. It’s something I enjoy when I get the chance and hope to do more of. You can see some of what ‘I’ think are my better shots here.

Sports Massage

In 2014 I spent the year studying to become a Sports Massage / Soft Tissue Rehabilitation Therapist, BTEC-Dip.  For more information take a look at my Namana Therapy site.

Everything Else

Scuba diving, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, eating, cooking, movies, not calling parents, up-setting siblings and laughing at friends who support Liverpool are all high on the list.